Releasing Institute

Introductory Teacher Certification Programme for 2016-17

Joan Skinner developed her approach to movement education in the 1960s, later named Skinner Releasing by her students. Since then, she and her most experienced faculty have trained teachers in both the adult and children?s programs.

The Introductory Teacher Certification Programme (ITCP) is a two-year commitment of six weeks in the summer of 2016 and five weeks in the spring of 2017. It is a rigorous and in-depth course of study. Once completed, this training allows graduates to join the worldwide faculty. There are currently teachers in Australia and New Zealand, Europe and the UK, as well as in the United States, Canada and South America.

For the first time, the ITCP will take place in Turkey. The Dance department at Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University in Istanbul will host the training.

Programme Information

Training Overview

Six-week and five-week blocks of intensive, full time study 20 June - 29 July 2016 and 20 March - 21 April 2017, with study and practice assignments in the intervening period. Includes Introductory and Ongoing SRT classes, seminars, reading and writing assignments, supported teaching practice and individual feedback.


ITCP participants must participate in the full-time programme, from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Friday with a generous mid-day lunch break.


Study time outside of class is essential, especially in the second year of the program when student teaching necessitates considerable preparation time. Prior to, and during, the first summer, there are assigned readings. During the months between the first year and the second, each ITCP participant does an in-depth analysis of the core introductory classes and the progressions associated with them. This requires significant study and compilation time. It is due January 13th 2017 and will be reviewed by faculty.


Gaby Agis (UK), Robert Davidson (USA), Mary-Clare McKenna (UK). Faculty may change slightly between the first and second years depending upon programming.

Project Manager - Silke Arnold

Programme Logistics


20 June - 29 July 2016

20 March 20 - 21 April 2017


First year of training - Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, Istanbul, Turkey. Assistance finding accommodation will be provided.

Second year of training - Sundance Camp, Antalya, Turkey. This part of the training is residential. A range of affordable accommodation is available on site.

Cost and Payment Schedule

For the first year the fee is £2200 and a £500 non-refundable deposit for the first year is due by 10 February with remaining £1,700 to be paid by 20 April 2016.

Second year fee is £2200 and a deposit is due by 10 January 2017, with the remaining fee due by 20 February 1917.


Extensive experience in the Skinner Releasing Technique as well as clear development of one's personal process is essential to enter the teacher-training program. The following are what we look for in our candidates:

Participation in the 15 Introductory classes at least two times.

Completion of 12 ongoing-level Releasing classes at least once. (We are looking for experience well beyond the introductory level.)

Prior teaching experience in any forms.

A background in music, or study in a music appreciation course that includes learning how to hear phrasing, dynamics, rhythm, character, and mood in a wide range of music.

A background in poetry, or an introductory course in poetry that includes learning about the function of imagery and the resonance of words.

The application process for the 2016-2017 TCP is now open.

To apply for the SRI ITCP 2016-2017 please submit the following materials to by Friday 15 January 2016 with a £40 processing fee.

A letter of recommendation from your primary SRT teacher

Your CV (Resume)

The answers in essay form to the following questions:

Please describe your experience with the Skinner Releasing Technique, including your history as a student of SRT.

Tell us how Releasing has enhanced, challenged or inspired you in your dancing and your life.

Share your reasons for wishing to be a certified teacher of Skinner Releasing Technique. Please include personal as well as professional reasons.

Describe your experience, if any, in the following areas: Dance, Improvisation, Music, Literature (specifically poetry), meditation, and daily practice.

Lastly, is there anything about your life situation, health or history of injury that might affect your participation in the program? Please explain.

Application Deadline: 15 January 2016 Application Notification Procedure:

All applicants who have submitted applications by the deadline will receive notification of the outcome of their application by 1 February 2016.

Applicants who are accepted on to the programme and wish to participate will need to provide a non-refundable £500 deposit upon acceptance by 10 February.

Please note: These qualifications are meant to be guidelines for acceptance into our programme. Should your qualifications fall outside of the aforementioned criteria and you feel qualified as a candidate, please, contact us. We may accept trainees with experience other than what is detailed here. All candidates will be reviewed and considered on an individual basis.