Releasing Institute

About Skinner Releasing Institute

Skinner Releasing Institute promotes the learning of Skinner Releasing Technique (SRT) to foster heightened awareness, wholeness, empathy and creative action in individuals. Created by Joan Skinner, SRT is considered "the mother of all release techniques," and has changed the performance and teaching of dance in the past 30 years. SRT is now practiced worldwide.

The mission of Skinner Releasing Institute is to establish vital, interdependent Releasing communities on every continent. We strive to achieve this mission by working with the following key strategies as defined by our founding board: create a worldwide community of quality Releasing teachers; foster creativity and empathy in children; and develop pedagogy to train workers in healing and healthcare industries.

Our community is a global network of interdependent practitioners, teachers, researchers and pedagogical developers that spans North America, Europe, New Zealand, Australia, and Central America. We support the efforts of 65 certified teachers who work to teach and support the releasing practices of literally thousands of practitioners around the planet. These teaching practices can be found in more than twelve international universities, professional arts establishments and studios, healing arts centers, and psychotherapy practices. This international community is also represented and supported by Skinner Releasing Network, an independent association of SRT teachers. Further information about its members, and listings of their classes and other activities, is at

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